DCNS #89 - Crypto Research für 2024


Folge 89 der Crypto Nerd Show mit Oliver Thylmann und Sebastian Deutsch. Wenn ihr mit uns und der CNS Community reden wollte, hier gehts zum Telegram Kanal.


  • Vitalik will Gaslimit erhöhen - Core Entwickler nicht
  • Circle IPO
  • X Removes NFTS
  • Unicef Rwanda using staking to fund schools
  • The Wizardry of Shadow Hats einfacher zu verstehen in diesem twitter thread
  • Good Price Floor Report for NFTs
  • Actually Floor of Top 250 NFTs still 30% above 2021 and down 25% from 2023 Average. Not dead yet.
  • Pudgy Penguins is third biggest NFT Brand with strong story line, toys and games for the masses
  • We created some great artists like Tyler Hobbs (art), Snowfro (Artblocks founder), Dimitry Cherniak and XCopy, … all worth mid double digit millions in the NFT space.
  • Moonbirds have launched the Talons Marketplace for an internal currency to get access to swag and art, let's see if they can reboot Moonbirds
  • Coinbase released their 2024 Crypto Market Outlook
  • Inflows into Crypto will largely be Bitcoin at least first half of 2024
  • The focus will move towards web3 applications in a focus on use cases
  • DePin (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) will be a hard trend
  • AI and Crypto will intertwine, e.g. through ZKML (zero knowledge machine learning), learning from private data without accessing it.
  • Tokenization of real world assets will be a clear trend, agreed upon by Blackrock, and we already increaased 6 fold in 2023
  • Coinbase Predictions include lightning and Stacks as number 9 for 2024 as interest in Bitcoin grows
  • Usability needs to improve for real growth.
  • Cancun Ethereum Fork (1Q24) expected to decrease rollup transaction costs by 2-10x
  • Restaking is coming hard
  • Clear Stablecoin regulation needs to come
  • MiCA is the most comprehensive regulatory framework
  • Messari Crypto Theses for 2024
  • There is no 100x in Bitcoin but Parity with Gold yields $600.000 a Bitcoin, Ark's average 2030 number
  • For the ultrasound money theory, which they do not buy, they do add that Eth moved to L2 will likely not be coming back
  • Interesting numbers: Of 26.000 stocks traded since 1926, just 86 stocks are responsible for 50% of US market appreciation. Scary.
  • If you have to do it strategically you look at Kaiko's Liquidity Rank vs. Market Cap and buy green sell red.
  • They are also pushing the thesis that Crypto is Money for the AI machines
  • DePin, DeSoc, DeSci is big
  • A few token Picks: RNDR, SOL, OLAS, NOS, RUNE, AKT, TAO, TIA, MKR
  • Winners 2024: BASE, TIA, Firedancer (Solana Validator Client), Farcaster, Project Guardian
  • You find good numbers in A16Z Crypto Index like the active developers number.


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